A Small Business Guide to Preparing for Christmas

Christmas always has a habit of sneaking up on us, and when you run a small business this can mean a lot of extra stress. Increased sales are there for the taking over the festive season if you can play your cards right, and as a small business a profitable Christmas season can set you up for a successful new year. If you are worried that you have left things to the last minute and will not be able to push your sales a little further, have no fear. It is never too late to make a few key changes or implement a few simple ideas to reach a few last minute customers.

Make some festive changes to your website

Christmas is meant to be a happy and fun time of year, though many people find the preparations stressful. Imagine you are a customer scrolling through seemingly hundreds of websites looking for Christmas gifts for a friend or loved one. It can be tiring, and pretty boring, to say the least. When a brand has gone the extra mile to make their website a welcoming and fun place, it can be a refreshing experience for the shopper and can encourage them to spend more time on your site. 

The more time a visitor spends on a website, the more likely they are to make a purchase. You need to give them an experience that guides them towards choosing your brand and you can do this by making some seasonal changes on your website that don’t actually need to be too extensive. For example, it’s a nice idea to change your banners to feature a festive theme or use a festive filter over your image to bring a little cheer to your visual design. 

A practical change you can easily make to your website that will add a lot of value to your customers is to update your opening hours, and give detailed information about delivery dates, order cut off dates for pre-Christmas delivery, information on delivery charges, and details of promotions on offer. 

Make changes to your product packaging

Festive branded packaging gives your products a special touch and makes them more appealing to buy as Christmas gifts for friends, family and colleagues. From having your gift bags printed on differently coloured paper to special edition packaging that is an elevated version of your regular packaging. Many people are looking for gifts that are convenient and by offering gift items in special packaging you can save them the work of wrapping presents or finding appropriate gift boxes and bags. 

Set up a festive competition

Everyone loves free stuff, and you can generate excitement and interest in your brand by running a competition. This can be done directly through your website or through other channels such as your social media pages. There are many ways you can do this, so our best advice is to spend some time looking at what your competitors are doing. You should avoid copying their competitions but it can be a great source of inspiration and should give you some viable ideas. Once you have an idea of how you will structure your competition, think about what you will offer as a prize, such as gift vouchers, heavily discounted shopping codes, specific products, or limited edition products. 

Partner up with a charity

The festive season is a time of giving, and charity work can be something that is well worth getting involved with. Speak to your team and find out whether there are any charities that are particularly important to them, then do some research on how you can get involved. Local charities are usually very receptive to partnering with businesses in their area, and the support you can provide can be more important to smaller charities than larger, national ones. 

There are many different ways a company can support their local community. For example, a local food producer might want to offer support to their local food bank by preparing food parcels. Clothing stores might choose to donate practical clothing such as coats, tracksuits and underwear to shelters. Sporting goods stores could consider donating sports equipment to a local school or kids’ club. There are loads of options you can look into.